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Anonymous: Jade would you maKe a collage of vanessas 2013/2014 outfits?pleaseee :)

Of course :) but would you want laid back outfits, premiere outfits, bohoemian outfits, airport outfits, personal favorites.. basically a specific type?

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Anonymous: could you maybe make a Vanessa inspired back to school collage with items under $50? That would be amazing! Love your blog btw xx

Do you mean outfits, accessories, or school supplies? x

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Anonymous: Winter outfits V would wear?

I have one post here. But on my old Vanessa Style blog you can view one post here and here.

3 days ago
Anonymous: you seem to know a lot about weight loss, which is excellent. have you reached the standard of v's body yet? :)

Mm, not exactly haha. I’m only fourteen, so weight loss hasn’t really been one of my major concerns until many people started asking me about it on this blog. So I decided to find out about weight loss, and followed the tips I’d be giving people to see if they’d work. They do! Because I see a difference. I don’t have Vanessa’s body. Maybe only her arms and stomach, but I’m doing exercises that’ll slim down my inner thighs. 

FACT: Foods that go straight to your thighs are cheese, bread (including pizza), pasta, soda, burgers, popcorn, fries, chips, and spicy foods.

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In New York, Vanessa was wearing this dress from Brandy Melville. This dress isn’t available online but it is available in stores.

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Anonymous: How to dress like Vanessa if you don't have a flat stomach? It's super frustrating, because I have the legs and arms but just not the stomach 😩 Preferably slimming-ish options? Thankyou do much for your hard work 😘😘😘😘

Vanessa actually didn’t have the stomach she has now, a few years back I think. Especially when she filmed Spring Breakers because she said they were traveling so she tried so many different foods she gained some weight. Then once she got back she worked out daily. 

You can wear a camisole or tank (with prints, quotes, graphic, or plain), a kimono or cardigan, jeans with rips, and ankle boots. 

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Anonymous: Thankyou so much for your last post. I seriously love you. <33 I'm currently eating nothing but fruit, almonds, protein and vegetables. Is that good enough?

Aw, it’s no problem. I love you too. <33 That is good enough! But take a break after a while and treat yourself to something sweet. Sorry for the late reply, x

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Welcome to one of the first Vanessa Hudgens Fashion Blogs, where we'll be happy to help find Exacts, doing inspires, and also dress for less outfits. Don't be afraid to send in a request!
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